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Welcome!! Bienvenidos!! Bienvenue!! Bem Vindo!! 欢迎!! Willkommen!!


Hey! I'm MJ. Welcome to my travel blog where you will find tales of my trekking as a solo, female, budget traveler abroad​. Since traveling to Costa Rica in 2010, I have  visited 19 countries and all 7 continents, all while working a full time job, running a side business, going to school, and volunteering.

Seems impossible RIGHT???

Well for the past 9 years, I managed it all with every  detail planned down to the minute! 

My goal was to TOUCH EVERY CONTINENT BEFORE 30!!! And now that I have accomplished my goal (and as 29 comes to an end) I'm ready to throw out the itineraries and do it all over again....


Follow me as I share my past, present and future experiences, a  lot of travel tips, itineraries, love stories, and ADVENTURES around the GLOBE!!! 

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